Paul McCormick
Paul in Death Valley

Paul in a Tyrolean Traverse

Hello Intrepid Traveller and congratulations on considering a trip to the American Southwest. If this is your first visit or your 50th --there's always more to see. There's no place on earth with more diversity.

I've spent the last 40 years exploring the Southwest's nooks and crannies and there's still a few roads I haven't been down yet.

I have called Arizona, New Mexico, California and now Nevada my home. Mostly, it's been California (where I graduated from U.S.C.) and Las Vegas (the last 35 years).

I have considered myself an “out-doors guy” ever since I left the Midwest and saw the mountains and Pacific Ocean for the first time. I am particularly interested in geology and how all this great beauty around here was formed.

But history was my favorite subject growing up. So even though our recorded history here is a bit shorter than most of is still the “stuff of legend” and I would like to share it with you.

So, whether we spend a half day together or two weeks exploring the great Southwest together...let my 50 years of living around here and 15 years of tour guiding be your key to this land and we'll go out and experience it together.

Paul in Valley of Fire

Paul McCormick