LasVegasPrivateTours.com gives you the opportunity to design your own custom tour.  Whether for one day or multiple days, our superior knowledge of each destination will assist you in creating the most enjoyable and memorable vacation experience of your lifetime.

The "Experiences" are arranged by the number of days you wish or have available to tour.  Each has a list of available destinations, with a "Suggested Itinerary" (that you can customize).  It includes a map of the area so you can see the location.  At the bottom of the destination pages is a list of "Options", that are popular nearby attractions that are available.  Building your, affordable custom tour is fun and easy!  Let's get started!

  1. Select the "Experience" (how many days you would like to tour).
  2. Select the main destination you wish to see.
  3. ​Review the "Options" (other available attractions or destinations of interest).
  4. Click "Get My Quote", complete the form and Art or Paul will contact you.
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